Our advisory panels

Our advisory panels

Our advisory panels are an integral part of our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. The advisory panels are made up of key external expert organisations that provide not only insights into our stakeholders’ priorities and needs but also influence and shape our business decisions. We are grateful for organisations such as Citizens Advice, Federation of Small Businesses and Carbon Co-op for their help and support.

Our advisory panels focus on four themes at the heart of our business plan: reliability; affordability; sustainability; and excellent customer service, ensuring we cater for the needs of vulnerable customers.

Reliability – Keeping the lights on and responding quickly to network faults

Affordability – Providing an affordable, value for money service for all, while helping to address fuel poverty and providing support for vulnerable customers

Sustainability – Ensuring our network can adapt to future challenges such as a low carbon economy and climate change, while keeping bills affordable

Vulnerable customers – Providing excellent customer service to all of our customers, especially those who are vulnerable or need extra assistance

Our advisory panels have helped us shape and develop some key initiatives which best serve all of customers for example our Affordability Advisory panel recommended that we develop an understanding of fuel poverty and how we could help our fuel poor households. This led to our collaboration with Energy Saving Trust to investigate the ways in which a distribution network operator can help tackle fuel poverty in the region.

Each panel is led by an Electricity North West director and senior manager, and meet three times a year. These meetings are an opportunity to share progress and to gather feedback, opinions and ideas.

Membership of each group is varied, allowing us to draw upon specialist knowledge and ensure a range of opinions are heard.  However we are open to anyone who is interested in working with us to come along and help us shape our services. If you are interested in attending one of our panels you can contact us by emailing our team. 

We also hold an annual stakeholder panel enabling us to collect and balance collective views. This panel particularly helps us review our business plan performance and identify new priorities. 

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