Recognised contractors

Recognised contractors

Find out about how to become a recognised contractor or how to find one to make the changes to your loss of mains protection

How to become a recognised contractor

Due to the large number of sites affected by the accelerated loss of mains change programme, it has been agreed that a generator will be able to "self-certify" if they have used a recognised contractor to make the changes to their loss of mains protection.  

"Self-certification" will allow a generator owner to submit evidence of the changes made to their loss of mains protection rather than having to undergo a witness test to confirm the changes have been made correctly. Generator owners that self-certify could still be subject to a sample site visit.

A contractor will be given recognised contractor status once Electricity North West deems them to be competent to successfully make the changes to a generator owner's loss of mains protection. The status shall be given automatically once a contractor has successfully completed five consecutive loss of mains protection device modifications to the revised EREC G59/G99 settings, which subsequently pass commissioning tests that are witnessed by Electricity North West. Contractors will receive an email from Electricity North West confirming their status as a recognised contractor once agreed.

It is important to note that recognised contractor status shall only be granted to an individual contractor, which means if several contractors from a company carry out witness testing they must individually fulfil the above criteria.


Sample site visits

Electricity North West, potentially accompanied by a representative from National Grid ESO, may wish to carry out a sample site visit following any changes made to loss of mains protection.

The time and date of any sample site visits will be agreed with the generator owner and a National Grid ESO representative (if required) beforehand.

If an individual is found during the sample site visits to have incorrectly completed the changes to loss of mains protection, their status as a recognised contractor shall be removed and they will be contacted with details of future steps required.

Finding a recognised contractor

We shall be publishing the details of recognised contractors once individuals have fulfilled the necessary criteria and gained the status.

If you are struggling to find a contractor to undertake the work required in accordance with ALoMCP, the ENA have compiled a list of contractors available to undertake the setting changes on behalf of a generator owner, this can be found here.

Electricity North West accepts no liability or responsibility for the competence of any contractors published on the ENA's list.