Accelerated loss of mains (LoM) change programme

Accelerated loss of mains (LoM) change programme

Find out about how we're involved in the implementation of changes to protection settings for generators following the DC0079 modification to the Distribution Code.


Distribution Network Owners and National Grid ESO are teaming up through the accelerated loss of mains change programme to accelerate compliance with new requirements in the Distribution Code. The new requirements specify that the current protection settings required for any new generation connecting to the network must now also be applied retrospectively to all existing generation with loss of mains protection.

Loss of mains protection is used to prevent damage when there are problems on the electricity distribution network, however the techniques which have been used historically can disconnect generation when it is not necessary to do so. This unnecessary disconnection is more likely to happen when more renewable generation is running and the costs of preventing any consequent disruption are paid for by the electricity industry and consumer. Changing loss of mains protection will therefore deliver a step change in how the electricity system can be operated and will allow more low carbon power to flow at lower cost.

Owners of generators fitted with older forms of loss of mains protection will need to make changes to their protection by May 2022. Generator owners will be offered support to help them to make the change. As part of the Accelerated loss of mains (LoM) change programme, generator owners are eligible to apply for a financial contribution to help them get the necessary work done by entering their details into a new portal which is expected to be live by Summer 2019.

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