Self Authorisation

Self authorisation

Are you interested in authorising your own staff for Low Voltage (LV) or High Voltage (HV) connections?

This option for authorisation aligns with option one: section 5.2 in the Code of Practice. To self-authorise your staff you will need to accept all of the following responsibilities:

  • all work will be completed under your own safety rules and safety management systems
  • you and your staff must have some awareness of the local power network
  • you must take responsibility for testing and energisation during the works
  • you will need to complete an indemnity form to confirm you understand and accept these responsibilities
  • you will also need to attend a meeting with members of our system operation's and training academy teams. Please email us to arrange this meeting for a mutually convenient time.

HV only

Should you choose to self authorise HV connections (including option three: section 5.2 in the Code of Practice), there are some additional points you must discuss with us:

  • which party will be responsible for moving open points (Electricity North West or an Electricity North West authorised Independent Connections Provider)
  • if any test bushings or earthing harnesses are required for the work, we will provide the required equipment requested as long as you notify us in advance of the start date
  • the method of phasing out which must be determined prior to start date
  • time spent on site. There is a 12 hour time limit on the transfer of control; please be mindful of this when planning in any works
  • emergency return to service arrangements, as these will be required.

For more information please see our self-authorisation guide.