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Info for ICPs/IDNOs

Information for ICPs and IDNOs

Use the links below to use our services, access information and explore ‘contestable’ activities you can carry out as a National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP) or Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO). 

Authorisation & training

Take a look at options regarding authorisation and booking training at our Training Academy.

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Assessment & Design fees

Find out more about the new Assessment & Design fees introduced in April 2018

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Contestable activities

Explore the contestable activities you can complete as an Independent Connections Provider.

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G81 policy documents

Browse our G81 library of policies, standards and specifications.

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Request an MPAN

Find out how to request a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN).

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GIS access

Request access to our Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in our network information area, to receive location and characteristics of our assets.

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Check our compliance

Take a look at our compliance with the Competition in Connections Code of Practice.

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Contacts list

Take a look at our handy list of contacts for day-to-day queries

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As laid guidance for ICPs and IDNOs

‘As-laids’ refer simply to the information required to describe how new assets (e.g. cables etc.) are ‘laid’ following construction.

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Stakeholder engagement

Our commitments to improve services to you, how you can share your feedback with us, and upcoming events.

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Safety bulletins

Read through our previously issued Safety bulletins, providing information on safety incidents that occurred from 2016- present.

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