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Charging information

These documents show the charges for those authorised to use our network, together with the methodology used to calculate them. Each December we set the charges for the charging year that will start 15 months ahead on the first of April.

We use standard industry methodologies to calculate our charges known as the CDCM and EDCM.  The CDCM is the Common Distribution Charging Methodology that applies to most customers.  The EDCM is the Extra-high voltage Distribution Charging Methodology which is applied to customers connecting to our network at extra-high voltage levels as designated in our licence.


Title     2019/20    2020/21   2021/22
Overview Statement    Download   Download   Download
Use of System Charging Statement    Download   Download   Download
Schedule of Charges and other Tables    Download   Download   Download
CDCM Annual Review Pack    Download   Download   Download
Tariff Movement Explanation    Download   Download   Download
CDCM Model    Download   Download   Download
EDCM Model (blank)    Download   Download   Download
LDNO Discount Model    Download   Download   Download
MAP    Download   Download    
MPAS    Download   Download    
Miscellaneous Services    Download   Download    


Supplier of Last Resort Payment Claim

We have received a Supplier of Last Resort payment claim from Octopus Energy which has resulted in an increase to 2019/20 charges. Download

Glossary of terms

Overview Statement:  This document sets out the regulatory and contractual framework for our use of system charges.

Use of System Charging Statement:  This statement tells you about our charges and the reasons behind them.  It also includes guidance notes to help you improve your understanding of the charges we apply.

Schedule of charges and other tables:  This is a Microsoft Excel format spreadsheet that provides our charges in a format that is easy for you to use.  It also includes a useful Charge Calculator that helps you work out your charges based on your consumption data.

CDCM Annual Review Pack:  This is a Microsoft Excel format spreadsheet that includes a macro to calculate estimated charges for future years.

Tariff Movement Explanation:  This Microsoft Excel format spreadsheet sets out the reasons for variances between the current and prior year’s charges.

CDCM Model:  This is the fully populated CDCM model used to calculate the current year’s charges.

EDCM Model (blank):  This is the latest EDCM model which we used to calculate the Extra High Voltage customer’s charges.  The version provided above is blank to ensure customer data is kept confidential.

LDNO Discount Model:  Other Licensed Distribution Network Operators (LDNOs) connected to our network pay charges based on the point of connection to our network.  This model works out the proportion of end customer charges the LDNO will pay.

MAP:  We act as a Meter Asset Provider for a number of customers across the North West.  This document sets out the charges payable by Suppliers for the provision of these assets. Learn more about the general conditions of contract of Meter Asset Provision.

MPAS:  Meter Point Administration Services are provided by us to other industry parties.  This document sets out the charges for particular services specified in Schedule 7 of the Master Registration Agreement.

Miscellaneous Services:  This document sets out our charges for a variety of other services including Revenue Protection services.

Electricity Theft

Scheme in respect of unauthorised supplies   Download


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