What is Celsius?

What is Celsius?

The £5.3 million Celsius project is the first application of a co-ordinated approach to managing the temperature of electrical assets in distribution substations in Great Britain.

A two-step structured approach will gather data to increase our understanding of thermal behaviour and release capacity to customers.

With greater knowledge of the behaviour of these assets, we can support the connection of increasing numbers of low carbon technologies more quickly and at lower cost.

Firstly, using load monitoring and improved technology to measure temperatures, we will gather data across a range of environmental, load and seasonal factors from 520 distribution substations, which we have selected to be representative of 80% of the substation population in Great Britain.

The output from this work will be a simple ‘Thermal Ratings Tool’ which will accurately indicate an asset’s internal operating temperature using low cost external retrofit sensors. This knowledge will enable us and other network operators to release the maximum capacity from existing assets without degrading their health and reliability.

The second stage will release additional capacity through a range of retrofit cooling techniques. We will explore a range of techniques and demonstrate the benefits of each. The techniques will be trialled on 100 of the monitored distribution substations. This will result in a ‘buy order’ of techniques for network operators to choose from.

The cooling techniques will be deployed at substations close to where our customers live and work, so it's possible that they will notice audible or visual changes. We will carry out a programme of customer engagement to understand if our customers find the proposed cooling solutions acceptable compared to traditional solutions.

Throughout the Celsius project, we will generate a number of outputs which we will share with other network operators to encourage quick and effective implementation across Great Britain.

The project runs from January 2016 until March 2020.

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