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Power Saver Challenge

Power Saver Challenge

Our Power Saver Challenge project tested ways of encouraging customers to reduce their electricity usage to alleviate pressure on the network at times of peak demand.

The method was trialled in the Heaton Moor and Heaton Norris areas of Stockport over a three-year period and provided technological and educational support to a representative sample of participants living in the trial area.

The project confirmed the hypothesis that:

“Deploying proactive demand reduction measures can alleviate network capacity restrictions by achieving both significant and sustained changes in energy usage.”

Customer surveys showed that participating households changed their energy usage behaviour and their attitude towards energy consumption, during the trial and after it had ended.

Our technical data also supported this conclusion through a 5.8% reduction in peak energy consumption across the lifespan of the project.

Find out more in the project closedown report below.

Closedown report