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ENWL019 - Interface

ENWL019 - Interface

Currently distribution network operators (DNOs) have multiple remote terminal unit/communication interfaces installed in distribution substations to allow for the remote operation of switchgear as well as collecting analogue data such as voltage, current and temperature. In some cases there may be four or five communication devices in a substation which all communicate independently with our central systems over the mobile network.

As we move towards a low carbon economy consumers will become more reliant on electricity for transport and heat resulting in thousands of devices, such as electric vehicles and heat pumps, connected to the low voltage network which will greatly increase demand on the network.

As an alternative to reinforcement to meet the increase in demand, DNOs could enter into contractual arrangements to manage these
devices on behalf of consumers. This would increase the number of communications devices with up to ten individual communication devices being installed in a single substation.

This project will investigate the feasibility of connecting all these devices into the same communications interface using varying protocols and communications mediums while maintaining data security.

Timescales: October 2018 - October 2021.

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