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ENWL014 - Optimising Oil Regeneration for Transformers

ENWL014 - Optimising Oil Regeneration for Transformers

A key part of our innovation strategy is to maximise the use of our existing assets. We are therefore proposing that approximately 50% of our 132kV and 33kV transformers due for renewal in the current price control period (2015 - 2023) will be refurbished and their oil regenerated. This will maximise the life span of the transformers past their original design life and defer their replacement.

The project will carry out field trials using condition monitoring equipment installed at 13 mid-life transformer sites. Analysis of the data provided will enable us to optimise the oil regeneration process and identify the optimum point at which oil regeneration can be used in the life cycle of a transformer.

Timescales: February 2016 – February 2022.

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