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ENWL010 - Value of Lost Load to Customers

ENWL010 - Value of Lost Load to Customers

Electricity supply interruptions have financial and social impacts on customers, which vary by season, time of day, customer load and customer type. Understanding the value of lost load (VoLL) is important in determining network planning and investment and will become more important as customers become more reliant on electricity in the low carbon future.

Through a programme of engagement with the full range of our customers this project has delivered a comprehensive understanding of VoLL over time and by customer segment. Our key findings can be found in the VoLL phase 3 report.

The VoLL project has introduced a number of questions which warrant further research and we have now registered a follow-up project known as VoLL 2, as part of our Network Innovation Allowance portfolio.

Timescales: October 2015 – October 2018.

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