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ENWL006 - Sentinel

ENWL006 - Sentinel

In recent years distribution network operators have come under scrutiny for their customer service particularly in respect to fault response during storms. Storms mainly affect the rural areas of our network which are predominantly constructed from long lengths of overhead line and which may be impeded by overgrown trees. Faults on rural networks can be difficult to locate which increases the time to restore supplies. As well as affecting our customers' electricity supply, these faults can become a safety hazard if not detected and repaired. 

The £4 million Sentinel project will trial two new fault location techniques on overhead networks. By developing novel fault location sensors which enable earlier detection and response to broken or damaged conductors, this project will improve the quality of supply for customers who experience weather-related outages and improve the safety of the electricity distribution system.

Timescales: September 2015 – December 2022.

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