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Green homes grant

Green Homes Grant

The Green Homes Grant is an initiative to create greener homes, generate jobs and lower bills for customers.

Homeowners and landlords in England can apply for a grant from the government towards the cost of installing energy efficient and low-carbon heating improvements to homes, which could help save up to £600 a year on energy bills.

There are two levels of the grant, the first requires a contribution from the home owner and the second is fully funded, depending on circumstances. 

  • Up to £5000 is available to any homeowner or landlords. The grant will cover up to two thirds of the cost of qualifying improvements to their property.
  • Up to £10,000 is available to homeowners. This covers up to 100% of the cost if you or a member of the household receives a qualifying benefit or has a medical condition or the family is on a low income.
The scheme commenced 30th September 2020 and the voucher for the improvements must be redeemed by 31 March 2021.

To qualify for the financial support, you need to install at least one 'primary' improvement. You can also use your voucher to help cover the cost of secondary improvements. The grant for the secondary improvement is capped at the value of the grant provided for the primary measures.

Primary improvements include;
  • Insulation, including solid wall, cavity wall, underfloor, loft or roof insulation. Insulation for a park home is also included.
  • Low-carbon heating, including air-source, ground-source and hybrid heat pumps, solar thermal systems and biomass boilers, which provide renewable ways of heating your home.


For example if you receive a £1000 voucher for a primary measure such as a cavity wall insulation, you will be able to receive a maximum of £1000 for a secondary improvement. 

Secondary improvements include; 
  • Double or triple glazing, or secondary glazing, but only if you currently have single glazing. It won't cover replacement double glazing.
  • Energy efficient doors, where you're replacing single-glazed or solid doors installed before 2002.
  • Heating controls and insulation, including appliance thermostats, hot water tank thermostats, hot water tank insulation, smart-heating controls, zone controls, delayed-start thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves.

Green Homes Grant

Apply for a government grant towards the cost of making energy efficient improvements to your home. If you need assistance completing your application or have a question our Welfare Team will be happy to help.

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ACTion with Communities in Cumbria

ACT helps communities plan for their future, work with others, develop projects and influence and change policy.


Age Concern, Lancashire

Working in collaboration with Electricity North West, United Utilities and Cadent, Age Concern will refurbish a truck to become a mobile advice centre to promote carer support and dementia services. We will work alongside them to deliver energy efficiency advice and promote priority services for all utilities.


Ambleside Parish Centre

Through its community resilience project, this group will hold roadshows to encourage communities to take an active role in managing energy. They will also develop and promote a community resilience pack and encourage sign up to our PSR.


Burnley Boys and Girls Club

Our funding will support the club’s ‘eco warriors’ to continue acting as community energy champions, promoting our PSR and supporting community initiatives to build on their energy efficiency knowledge.


Community Neighbours

We are working with Community Neighbours to help them support elderly or disabled people in Carlisle by providing companionship, enabling them to participate in activities at home or in the community.


Cosy Homes Lancashire

Cosy Homes secures funding for energy efficiency grants, affordable heating solutions and energy advice for those impacted by fuel poverty. They will support customers on our PSR by providing energy efficiency advice and referring them to other specialist support.


Cumbria Action for Sustainability

CAfS aims to empower and enable people, communities and businesses to live and work more sustainably. Our funding will support their Cold to Cosy Homes project which supports vulnerable customers by providing energy efficiency advice and support.


Groundwork, Manchester

Groundwork will support vulnerable customers in Manchester by providing energy efficiency advice and, where relevant, referring them for home visits and/or sources of specialist advice and assistance.


Marches Energy Agency

Marches Energy offers mobile energy efficiency exhibitions via their ‘Fantastic Home’ mobile exhibition vehicle. Our support will help them visit communities in deprived areas and provide advice on tackling fuel poverty. They will arrange follow-up calls or home visits to those inspired to take action.


Parents and Carers Together Stockport

This organisation serves the families of vulnerable children in Stockport. Their work directly supports carers and parents of children who are disabled or who have additional needs. Our funding will help them increase their reach into more communities, including ‘seldom heard’ groups.


Roch Valley Radio

This community radio station will promote energy efficiency and our PSR online and at local events, providing an alternative channel for hard to reach and seldom heard community groups.


Warm Homes Eden

Warm Homes Eden offers vulnerable residents a direct referral route to arrange for an assessment of their energy efficiency needs, provides energy efficiency advice, informs vulnerable residents how to access energy-related support and provides small energy efficiency measures.