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Energy saving advice

Energy saving advice

We're Electricity North West and we own, operate and maintain the electricity network in the North West.

We offer a free Priority Services Register, which can provide you with extra assistance during a power cut. Our dedicated welfare team will keep you updated throughout the power cut and can also refer you on to Energy Savings Trust who can offer you;

    • Helpful energy saving advice

    • Energy tariff checks

    • Signposting on to relevant organisations who can offer you further assistance if required

Electricity North West wants to help everyone save energy in the home. Get your personal energy saving action plan here

Our energy saving advice can help you become more energy efficient and save you money with a few simple changes. Sign up to the Priority Services Register by clicking the button below and start receiving the help and advice you need, from us.

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Want to stay on top of your energy bill? Take a look at Migrate.

Migrate will transfer your supplier and keep you on the best energy deal every year, for free and without fuss, while helping local homes. If they find you a better plan, they will switch you over automatically - totally stress-free.

Every person who migrates helps raise at least £10 for local causes. Because everyone deserves a warm home!


Save £80 by turning your heating down by 1C. Set your heating and water to only come on when you're at home to a temperature between 18C and 21C.

Shorter showers

Spend one minute less in the shower each day and save £7 a year. A water meter could save you a further £7.

Lighting the way

Use energy saving light bulbs - they last longer and it could save you around £35 a year. Turning your lights off when you're not using them will also save you around £14 per year.

Fit draught excluders

Install draught excluders around your windows and doors - it could save you £20 a year by reducing heat loss.

Low cost laundry

Wash at 30C and save £6 a year. Save a further £30 by line drying clothes instead of using a tumble dryer.

Grab the washing up bowl

Use a bowl to wash up rather than running a tap and save £25 a year in energy bills.

Get the boiling point

Only fill the kettle up with as much water as you need and save £6 a year.

Switch it off

Save £30 a year by switching appliances off standby mode. Most appliances can be turned off at the plug without upsetting their programming.