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Reinstatement guidance

Reinstatement guidance

All street works ((i.e. excavation and reinstatement) are subject to the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA). Standards of work are also regulated via the Specification for Reinstatement of Openings in Highways (SROH).

SROH dictates the quality of work, specifically how to excavate, the backfill materials allowed, methods permitted as well as standards of appearance and performance for all reinstatements. Once completed, the NRSWA then applies a guarantee of satisfactory performance of that reinstatement for a minimum of two years.

These standards apply to all parties completing street works, including us and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs).

All work is inspected by the local authority and if found to be sub-standard, then those completing the work are subject to a financial penalty and will return to site to correct the defects at their cost, within a pre-defined time period.

The process

We agree any planned street works with the relevant street authority (local authority or council) in advance.

Before we start planning work we apply to the street authority, providing details of the works, how it will be carried out and when work is planned to start and complete.

The street authority then approves or declines our permit application. Once permission is granted, the permit is valid until the works are complete.


Our responsibilities are clearly stated in the NRSWA. We recommend all of our unmetered other customers (i.e. power supplies to street advertisements, CCTV, telecommunications equipment etc.) to familiarise themselves with this document.