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Our people and partners

Our people and partners

We are dedicated to the wellbeing of our employees and our partnerships within the region.

Having a workforce that represents our community

We are committed to ensure that our workforce represents the communities we serve and will include our approach to gender, ethnicity, health and wellbeing.  Our focus will be on:

  • Attraction – we strive to provide opportunities for all, with emphasis on raising brand awareness in ethnic minority schools and work with partners such as Women in Engineering to promote a career in Electricity North West.
  • Recruitment – we have a zero tolerance for discrimination and support and train our colleagues to tackle unconscious bias. Giving every candidate the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and what they can bring to the company. To view our careers page click here.
  • Retention – create an environment in which everyone can progress and reach their full potential. With clear policies and training that support diversity, inclusivity and a workplace free from harassment, stigma, discrimination or bullying.
  • Gender Pay Gap – we are committed to rewarding and recognising our colleagues equally regardless of gender.

Being a responsible employer and partner

We believe that what makes us a responsible employer and partner is:

1. Offering our communities a ‘fresh start’ to talented people in our communities.

Where appropriate we aim to use the opportunities that exist within Electricity North West to provide opportunity and training for people seeking a ‘fresh start’ within our communities. We are currently looking into working with small charities and organisations that support those that are seeking new opportunities after leaving the armed forces, following a conviction or a period of homelessness.
2. Become a Real Living Wage Employer

We are committed to paying all our employees a fair wage and will continue to do our part to become a Real Living Wage Employer.

3. We strive to eliminate harm from anyone impacted by our actions and focus on the wellbeing and health and safety of our employees and communities.

Our Health, Safety and Environment aims to deliver exceptional performance in the management of the risks and challenges we face, to ensure we maximise the opportunities to support the wellbeing of our people and improve the environment in which we operate.

In 2018, our leaders signed the ‘Time to Change’ pledge which is a social organisation run by 'Mind' a mental health charity and Rethink Mental Illness. In signing this pledge we join a growing movement of people changing how we all think and act about mental health and committing to make a difference.

4. We encourage a first class supply chain, that is high performing, ethical and safe, whilst ensuring human rights are adhered to and supporting a sustainable environment.

  • Our actions are embedded in our Supply Chain Charter to ensure that we are able to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.
  • Heath and safety is fundamental and our supply partners must meet all our requirements to ensure zero harm.
  • We aim to treat all suppliers with respect, fairness and integrity at all times with clear confidential communication.
  • We collect and use objective data to provide, clear honest feedback on performance and expect our supply chain partners to provide open and honest information as requested.
  • We ask service providers to develop policies and procedures to uphold ethics and human rights within their own organisations and service providers. We expect, without exception, that our providers prohibit all forced or compulsory labour.
  • We expect providers to monitor, manage and take steps to improve their environmental impact and take action around energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling and have a positive impact on their local community.

 We will work to eliminate modern slavery

We are proud of our strong commitment to high ethical standards in the way that we work and ensure that we protect and help our employees and local communities. In partnership with Hope for Justice and Slave Free Advice we are committed to doing the right thing and have put the correct controls in place as a business for our employees and our communities under the Modern Slavery Act.

  • We are committed to playing our part in eliminating Modern Slavery. Our approach to achieving this is identified in our Modern Slavery statement.
  • Hope for Justice support us in developing  processes to support colleagues and partners, in particularly by providing a ‘safe route’ to raise concerns for independent investigation.
  • We will continue to deliver training and awareness sessions for our colleagues, suppliers and contractors.